Dairy and Gluten Free Chocolate Ice Cream!

Vegan Chocolate-Coconut Ice Cream

Brrrr, it’s getting cold outside this November, And what better way to beat the cold then…..

eh, maybe not with this, but if you’re like me and crave ice cream allllll year round this one’s for you:

Dairy And Sugar Free Ice Cream:

1 tin of Coconut Milk
2 chopped bananas
4 tbl peanutbutter/almond butter
4 tbl cocoa powder
3 tbl Honey/Agave Syrup
1 tsp vanilla essence


1.Put all ingredients into a bowl and blend together till it becomes a smooth consistency

2.Pour into a freezer proof plastic container and cover

3. Freeze for 2 hours (Give it a good stir after 1 hour.)

4. Leave it thaw out for 5 mins before eating

5. Try not to gulp it all in one sitting!!NB: You can leave out the bananas if they don’t tickle your fancy. For some extra treats try adding in some extra choc chips or crushed roasted nuts when your stir your mixture after an hour in the freezer

Also, for all you gym junkies, I’ve made this for a friend with a scoop vanilla protein powder added – and it turns out just as good.

Take Care,

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